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About the Impact Club A club that rewards you for enthusiasm

The Impact Club rewards your efforts to recruit your Christian friends as members of the League. Unlike other clubs that you have to join, this one is automatic. As soon as two people have joined The Pocket Testament League with your referral number,* you're a member of the Impact Club! By getting your friends involved, you can multiply your personal ministry 100 times or more. Imagine the impact we can make for Jesus Christ if every League member recruited just five more members in the coming year, and each one of them recruits others to share their faith!

We know that the motivation to get others involved is not driven by human awards, but by a sincere desire to reach the world for Christ, with eternal rewards. At the same time, we think it's only fair that people who actively encourage others to share their faith deserve a little something to recognize their efforts.

The Impact Club involves four levels of achievement, with a special reward at each level. Regular League members and Speaker Reps/Pastors have different levels to keep things fair for everyone.

You'll be notified by E-mail as you reach each level. We've arranged with several vendors some unique reward premiums at a reasonable cost to the ministry, and they're yours FREE as our way of saying "thanks" for your enthusiasm. The premiums will be sent to you automatically, at no cost to you. All you need to do is what you've already been doing: share your faith and your enthusiasm for this faith-sharing ministry with others.

Important: Remember that the only way new members can be linked to you is if they enter your member ID as the "referral number" when they join, so make sure they get that number! It's printed on the stickers that ship with each Gospel order, on your receipt letters, and if you forget it you can view it or have it sent to you automatically by E-mail by clicking here.

Current awards are:

Bronze level

The Bronze level is reached with 2 signups for regular members, and 15 for pastors and speaker reps. At this level, we'll send you a beautiful cloissone metal Pocket Reminder that you can keep in your pocket as a permanent reminder to share a Gospel each day. This durable and high quality metal token, about the size of a quarter, can be placed in your pocket or wherever you keep your small change as a constant reminder to share your faith. Die struck from a copper bronze surface and hand-filled with a glass-like mixture, each Pocket Reminder is fired in a kiln, more is color added and then it's fired again, a two-step process especially designed to ensure that colors don't bleed. Individually hand polished and gold plated, this is a keepsake you'll appreciate for years.

Silver level

The Silver level is reached with 10 signups for regular members and 35 signups for pastors and speaker reps. At this level, we'll send you a high quality two-tone ceramic coffee mug. Use this gift to invite a Christian friend to share friendly conversation over a cup of coffee as you explain the League and how you've been blessed by learning to share your faith with others.

Gold level

At this level, you'll receive an elegant leather journal that you can use as a prayer journal, devotional journal, or any other need that you have. It features a Bible verse on each page to inspire you as you use it, as well as a slide tab closure and a ribbon marker to help you quickly find the page where you made your last journal entry.

Platinum level

The Platinum level is our highest level, reached with 60 signups for regular members and 125 for pastors and speaker reps. At this level, we want to reward you with the finest gift we could think of: a Bible. This quality Bible is a gift you'll treasure for many years.

It comes with quality leather binding and many special features, such as the words of Christ in red, built-in concordance, introductions to each Bible book, maps, and much more.

* Signups refer to members in good standing who have joined using your member ID as the referral number and are measured from June 1, 2006; the date the Impact Club was launched.


អញ្ជើញមិត្តភក្ររបស់លោកអ្នកឲ្យចូលជាមួយពួកយើងការអញ្ជើញតាមអ៊ីមែលបានងាយស្រួល វាស្រួលយល់ និងស្រួលប្រើ ។ លោកអ្នកអាចបន្ថែមសារផ្ទាល់ខ្លួនរបស់លោកអ្នក ដើម្បីឲ្យមិត្តរបស់លោកអ្នកបានដឹង ពីហេតុផលដែលលោកអ្នកពេញចិត្តចូលរួមជាមួយ សម្ព័ន្ធ ។ អាចអញ្ជើញរហូតទៅដល់ មិត្តភក្រ ៨ នាក់ក្នុងពេលតែម្តង ។


កម្មវិធីឧបត្ថម្ភរបស់ពួកយើងគឺជាផ្លូវមួយដើម្បីផ្តល់សៀវភៅដំណឹងល្អរបស់ លោកយ៉ូហានសម្រាប់សមាជិកណាដែលមានការពិបាកខ្លាំងផ្នែកហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ ។ ពួកគេមួយចំនួនភាគច្រើន គឺជាសមាជិកសកម្មរបស់យើង! លោកអ្នកអាចជួយផ្តល់សៀវភៅដំណឹងល្អដល់ដល់ពួកគេដើម្បីផ្សព្វផ្សាយ ។ ដង្វាយនីមួយៗតម្លៃតែ ២០ដុល្លាអាមេរិក ដើម្បីនូវសៀវដំណឹងល្អរបស់លោកយ៉ូហាន ដែលនឹងត្រូវចែកជូនទៅដោយឥតគិតថ្លៃ។ សូមឧបត្ថម្ភឥឡូវនេះ!a>